Naturgy postpones the electricity and gas bills of 20,000 Galician businesses

francisco reynes

Naturgy, a company led by Francisco Reynés, will defer and finance electricity and gas bills for its SME customers and Galician self-employed workers in those sectors that have been affected in their activity due to opening restrictions, especially in the case of restaurants and hotels, which total more than 21,000 businesses.

The company is re-editing this measure of economic and social support for its customers, which was already activated during the first wave of the coronavirus, and which seeks to mitigate the economic impact on its businesses in this special situation. Other sectors, such as the performing and musical arts, sports facilities or beauty centres, among others, may also apply for it. In total, the company estimates that around 20,000 Naturgy’s postpone the electricity and gas bills of 20,000 current Galician businesses, SMEs and self-employed workers, who can benefit from this initiative.

The SMEs, self-employed or small businesses, such as restaurants or bars, which take advantage of the new aid plan may request, from 16 November, through the web, the postponement of the bills issued from the date of application until 31 January 2021. Naturgy will postpone the payment of these invoices during these months, financing the invoices of its customers without interest and for 12 months from February 2021.

Naturgy’s President, Francisco Reynés Massanet, stressed that «companies must be aware of the responsibility we have to support our environment in times of high uncertainty. We are witnessing a second wave of the pandemic that is once again affecting domestic economies. Reactivating our initiative will allow SMEs and self-employed workers to manage their liquidity in the medium term and to survive this period».

Naturgy postpones the electricity and gas bills of 20,000 Galician businesses

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